Paging through our tale

  • Posted on: 16 September 2015
  • By: delia

As candles are lit up from one another during the Night of Resurrection, so the yearning and joy of our hearts rekindle each time we meet people who shine this light themselves, whether they are members of the victorious Church from Heaven (here we think about the relics of the Saints who have called us), or of the combating Church (where we talk about all our guests we have received over time). Pure light, of the kind that cannot be contained by darkness. The light of Christ. Meeting such people stirs up, time and again, our thirst for the living water.

Since the wind blowing in our lives can sometimes be strong enough to extinguish the candles of our memories,  we want to store here and share with you impressions from our meetings with vibrant members of the Church and from pilgrimages where our steps have taken us. We do this according to the word, “by giving you shall receive”.

These are the pages of the story of our meeting in Christ our Lord. Echoes of the footsteps of our walking towards the true Life – may God give us all this Life to enjoy forever!